New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Duncan Harrison, Jr. is the new leader Trenton needs. He has the experience we need to fix the challenges Trenton faces, but also recognizes the strength, creativity, and innovative spirit that define our city. Duncan understands what Trenton needs right now, but he also sees what our city can become, and he has the skills we need to build a vibrant, new Trenton – a real Trenton renaissance.

Duncan knows Trenton as a resident, a parent, a community servant, and a leader. He grew up in Trenton and today he and his wife are raising their three young children on Rutherford Avenue. Duncan knows the stresses and anxieties that Trenton families face because he struggles with them every day. However, he also knows what we can build when we focus on improving our communities. As a leader in his neighborhood Civic Association, Duncan organized events that brought his neighbors together, built trust within his community, and made Rutherford Avenue safer and livelier.

Duncan’s commitment to Trenton goes beyond his neighborhood. Since earning his Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Duncan has devoted himself to building a new Trenton. Whether that means connecting Trentonians to job opportunities, leading programs to reduce the dropout rate, or his current work strengthening families as Associate Executive Director of UIH Family Partners, Duncan is always learning about the challenges Trenton families face and using what he learns to come up with innovative solutions for our city’s problems.

Duncan’s leadership skills have already made an impact. As Councilman-at-Large, Duncan took what he learned as a community leader and created programs that address the problems Trenton’s families face. From moving Trenton toward fiscal independence by ending the budget deficit to cleaning up our streets by installing new trash cans along school routes, Duncan takes every issue seriously and addresses them all effectively. His commitment to doing the right thing regardless of whether or not it will create a photo opportunity or front-page story has gotten Trenton back on track and put us on the path to becoming a vibrant, thriving city.

It is time for a leader with new ideas and energy who sees Trenton as more than a problem. It is time for a leader with a vision for a bright, new Trenton and the leadership skills to make that vision a reality. It is time for a leader who believes in Trentonians. It is time for Duncan Harrison.